Business Information System


Want to be one step ahead on the market and research developments concerning the plastics industry?


BIS is a specialised market, EU regulatory and research news database for the plastics industry and includes the following news services:


  • EU Policy Follower: EU regulatory monitoring service with database of all EU regulations and issues concerning the plastics industry
  • Polymer Research & Events Platform: Database of expert papers and presentations made during all PCE sectorial plastics industry events
  • PET News: specialised news service database for the PET industry
  • PVC News: specialised news service database for the PVC industry

* Subscribers can choose to acquire the BIS as complete package or to only subscribe to its single news applications separately. The different price ranges are outlined under Licenses and Fees.


We bring all the European and global news feed straight to your desk:

  • Focus on your core business while we provide you with all important plastics industry news.
  • Have the full overview of the future, current and past plastics market & research news.


  • Direct email alerts inform you about urgent market development.


  • A weekly extensive report summarises all market news for you.


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