CPA approved three certification schemes under PolyCert Europe umbrella



PolyCert Europe is delighted to announce that three certification schemes under its umbrella have been approved by the Circular Plastis Alliance (CPA) as the third-party auditing schemes of the CPA. 

The certification schemes of BQA (Belgian Quality Association) entitled QA-CER, Plastica Seconda Vita, by IPPR (Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics) and the certification scheme of AENOR will now be able to verify the volumes reported by plastics products manufacturers to the CPA Data Collectors. Hence, they will contribute to achieving the CPA targets of 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers used annually by 2025 set by the European Commission.


Today, companies are invited to report to the CPA Monitoring System their volumes of recycled plastics used in products via the official CPA Data Collectors. It is therefore paramount that those volumes can be verified by the CPA-approved third party audit schemes. The certification schemes under the PolyCert Europe umbrella guarantee that these audits are performed in an independent and impartial way which is a key element in the CPA system.



The certification schemes who are members of PolyCert Europe are working together to harmonize their audit methodology across the EU Member States. All of them work in cooperation with Accredited Certification Bodies who have proven their competence in the plastics sector and ensure the impartiality and quality of the audits.


PolyCert Europe is very happy with this result, and this is only the beginning. The approval shows that our members work according to very high quality and expertise standards. Companies now call upon experts to audit the volumes of recycled polymers they use. We foresee expansion of our network as in the very near future more of our members will apply for CPAsaid Polycert Europe President Jan Laperre.










About PolyCert Europe

PolyCert Europe is an umbrella technical platform harmonising existing certification schemes for converters of polymeric materials in Europe. The objective of PolyCert Europe is to provide quality certification and verification of recycled content in converted products.



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