Polymers for Europe Alliance launches the Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe

The Polymers for Europe Alliance has launched its online Europe-wide customers’ satisfaction survey to award the best polymer producers for Europe.


All users of polymers in Europe can get access to the voting tool free of charge and in strict confidence and can rate their suppliers’ performances in 2015 up to May 2016.


Polymer users can register via the Polymers for Europe Alliance to get access to the rating tool here: https://www.polymercomplyeurope.eu/node/210/register.

Already registered users can access the rating tool here:


“We decided to start the Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe in order to re-establish a good communication between users of polymers and their suppliers, which has obviously suffered lately. We simply want to award those producers who support their European customer base,” outlines Ron Marsh, chairman of the Polymers for Europe Alliance. “Therefore, we chose what we believe are the five most important criteria for users of polymers when it comes to their suppliers: Polymer quality, Regulatory Compliance, Material Delivery Performance, Communication and Innovation”.


Based on the ratings for these five criteria, the best European polymer suppliers in the eight different polymer type categories LDPE, HDPE, PC, PET, PP, PS, PVC and U-PR will be announced. Furthermore, a 9th overarching award on Innovation, covering all polymer types, will be made.


“The online rating tool is easy to understand, extremely user-friendly and provided in several languages in order to reach out to as many polymer users in Europe as possible. It allows users to select and rate their three best suppliers from a global list of polymer producers,” explains Ron Marsh further. “The only condition is that companies first have to register with the Alliance in order to get access to the rating tool. This registration is necessary to ensure that only eligible European companies are using the rating tool”.

The rating period is open for three months from mid-February to mid-May 2016. The final awards ceremony will take place during the European Plastics Converters (EuPC) Annual Meeting on 2-3 June 2016 in Lyon, France.


In order to submit their votes, polymer users can register via the Polymers for Europe Alliance on the Polymer Comply Europe website: https://www.polymercomplyeurope.eu/node/210/register.


For more information on the Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe, please visit the Awards website here: https://www.polymercomplyeurope.eu/content/best-european-polymer-producer-award, have a look at the attached presentation or contact Eva Schneider, Communications Officer at Polymer Comply Europe/EuPC, at eva.schneider@pceu.eu.


About Polymers for Europe Alliance

The Alliance was initiated by the European Plastics Converters association (EuPC) during its General Assembly in May 2015. It is an online, confidential information platform open to all parties who have an interest in the competitive conversion of polymers in Europe. Its objectives are to provide factual public information on the status of the polymer supply situation in Europe and to re-establish a constructive dialogue with the supply base.


Some upcoming initiatives of the Alliance in 2016 include the launch of the Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe as well as an exploratory industry study to assess the level of competitiveness of the European plastics converting industry.


For more information: https://www.polymercomplyeurope.eu/pce-services/polymers-europe-alliance