REACH Consortium Management


What does the Consortium Management offer?


          Is a substance that you use currently discussed at authority level?

          Are you worried that the outcome might have an impact on your business?


Our experts can support you in your advocacy activities and lead you through the complete advocacy process:


  • Bringing together companies facing the same problem.


  • Collecting all necessary scientific information.


  • Developing the necessary dossiers regarding your substance (including socio-economic assessment, exposure assessment and design of tests programmes & risk assessment).


  • Submitting the dossiers to the European Chemicals Agency.


What we have already worked on


  • Successful submission of one of the first REACH applications for an authorisation dossier (soft PVC recyclate containing DEHP).


  • Set-up of ADCA Plastics Users Consortium in order to assess exposure and recommend safe use guidance as an alternative to authorisation.




Contact us

If you would like to register or receive more information,

please contact Polymer Comply Europe via or Tel: +32 2 732 41 24.