Voting Opens for Polymer Producers Assessment – Delivery Reliability as Key Criterion

The Polymers for Europe Alliance has launched the 2021 voting for the Polymer Producers Assessment. Due to the polymer production and supply crisis heavily affecting converting companies all over Europe since more than 5 months, the Polymers for Europe Alliance has decided that this year’s edition will focus exclusively on the key criterion delivery reliability and the level of support during shortage of supply.

“The Best Polymer Producers Awards were created in 2016 to re-establish a constructive dialogue and good communication between suppliers and users of polymers in Europe. During the organisation of the 6th edition this year, the difficult polymer supply situation has led us to disregard other performance indicators and focus solely on the currently most crucial one: Delivery Reliability. We encourage plastics converters in Europe to participate and rate all their suppliers.” Said Ron Marsh, Chair of the Polymers for Europe Alliance.


In addition to the organisation of the Polymer Producer Assessment, the Alliance will keep assessing the polymer supply situation in Europe during the upcoming months. Together with EuPC, the EU-level trade association for plastics converters, the Alliance is in close contact with the European Commission to monitor, investigate and evaluate the force majeure declarations and overall situation, especially in the supply of essential goods such as for example PVC pharmaceutical packaging.


“The serious market disruptions currently taking place all over Europe are a symptom of the structural imbalance in Europe between the local production of and demand for raw materials and additives. The over 50,000 SMEs that form the plastics converting industry in Europe are suffering from limited supply and extreme price increases while having little to no leverage vis a vis the global chemical companies that produce polymers. The Polymer Producer Assessment is a chance for these companies to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their suppliers.” Said EuPC Managing Director Alexandre Dangis


All users of polymers in Europe can access the Polymer Producer Assessment - free of charge and in strict confidence - and rate their suppliers' performances during the past 12 months. The voting tool is open for three months until the 31st of August 2021 here:


How does the Awards voting work?

The rating tool is easy to understand, extremely user-friendly and provided in several languages in order to reach as many polymer users in Europe as possible. In case you do not yet have an account on the Polymers for Europe Alliance, you can register for free here: to get your exclusive access to the rating tool.

Once you have accessed the rating tool, you can choose your suppliers in 11 different polymer type categories: PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, PVC, PS & EPS, PC, ABS, EVA, and Specialty Polymers. Once selected, you can then rate them according to this year’s key criterion Delivery Reliability.

Based on the average of the incoming ratings, the best European polymer suppliers per polymer type will be awarded. Furthermore, an overarching award on Delivery Reliability, covering all polymer types, will be given away. The winners will be announced exclusively online on the 13th of September 2021.

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About Polymers for Europe Alliance

The Alliance was initiated by the European Plastics Converters association (EuPC) during its General Assembly in May 2015. It is an online, confidential information platform open to all parties who have an interest in the competitive conversion of polymers in Europe. Its objectives are to provide factual public information on the status of the polymer supply situation in Europe and to re-establish a constructive dialogue with the supply base. The initiatives of the Alliance also include the Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe.

About European Plastics Converters (EuPC)

EuPC is the EU-level Trade Association, based in Brussels, representing European Plastics Converters. Plastics converters (sometimes called "Processors") are the heart of the plastics industry. They manufacture plastics semi-finished and finished products for an extremely wide range of industrial and consumer markets - the automotive electrical and electronic, packaging, construction and healthcare industries, to name but a few.