MORE platform announces opening of survey for 2022

MORE – MOnitoring Recyclates for Europe - the EU harmonized digital platform to monitor the uptake of recycled polymers into products, is fully operational with its 2022 survey updated, ready to be used again by converters since the 3rd March 2022.

After another successful collection year and the recent acceptance as a Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) data collector by both the CPA Monitoring Secretariat and CPA Monitoring Working Group, the platform and the survey were under annual maintenance.


" We call upon all plastics converters in Europe to continue to report their recyclates use in the MORE tool and additional companies to join the MORE family " said EuPC President Renato Zelcher.


Furthermore, the EuPC’s digital platform has been slightly updated to adapt to the requirements of the CPA, an initiative of the European Commission to reach or exceed the objective of using 10 million tons of recycled plastics in the manufacture of new products in Europe from 2025. In this way, the data that is reported through the platform will also serve to measure the achievement of that objective.


Together we continue to make MORE efforts to reach the EU targets towards 2025.








---------------------About MORE:

MORE is the unified, digital platform to monitor the use of recycled polymers in the European plastics converting industry. MORE is helping the plastics industry to become more circular by collecting the volumes of recycled polymers that are used by plastics converting companies to create new products, and by stimulating a higher uptake of recycled polymers. Contact: /

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