Job opportunity: Junior Scientific Regulatory Officer

  • The trainee will be trained as junior scientific and regulatory officer.

The main project will focus on assessing current plastics additives portfolio : inventory of main plastics additives used or imported as part of finished products in Europe, impact on recycling, defining a pathway for safe and sustainable by design additive. As part of the project the trainee will help organizing a workshop on safe and sustainable by design additive and transition pathways for the plastics industry foreseen end of November. The workshop will be a first step connecting plastic masterbtachers, compounders and converter with upcoming regulatory requirements and antifipcate research and development needs in conjunction with the ECP4 plastics R&D platform.

Contemplated tasks

The officer shall assist the Director Regulatory Compliance in:

  • Developing chemical safety assessment, socio economic assessment, analysis of alternatives and substitution plans to enable continued used of chemicals substances in specific plastics  applications ( application for authorisation, voluntary risk minimisation measures, restriction dossiers follow-up);
  • Support in regulatory compliance projects related to chemicals;
  • Regulatory monitoring;
  • Developing trainings, workshops and conferences;
  • Creating, maintaining and managing databases;
  • Synthetizing information related to chemicals in clear and intelligible way.



Trainee profile

  • Master degree in Science (including environment management), Chemistry, Health related studies (e.g. Public health, medicine, biomedical, toxicology), Engineering (with preference on polymer/material sciences), Master in Business Administration with understanding of industrial chemistry, Master in Economics. 
  • Synthetic mind.
  • Autonomous, taking initiative and excellent organizational skills.
  • Multidisciplinary approach.
  • Quick learner and curiosity.
  • Team player.
  • Good presentation skills and easy interaction with people.
  • Knowledge of analytical techniques (such as GC/LCMS, migration testing) is a plus.
  • Fluent in English (working language). Good level in at least two other European languages is a plus.
  • Computer literacy, website and database management is a plus.




Starting beginning of September till end of December 2023. It may be extended till end February depending on trainee availability.





Location of work

EuPC, 71 av. de Cortenbergh, B-1000 Brussels.


Selection process

Motivation letters and CV should be sent to the attention of  by 20 August 2023. After review of the CV and letter, the candidate trainee selected  on the basis of those documents shall be contacted by  25 August latest . No feedback will be given to those trainees not selected. Tests shall be organized for the selection on 25 August till 1 September  2023. Test is done by webex ( foresee 2 hours) or in  person (preferred).





Polymer Comply Europe Regulatory Compliance division has developed a range of services for the plastics industry in the following fields

  • Regulatory advice, consulting and compliance tools with the  Chemicals Legislation
  • Regulatory advice, consulting and compliance tool with the  Food Contact Legislation
  • Consortium management
  • Risk assessment and socio economic impact assessment
  • Advice for advocacy
  • Regulatory training for plastics experts




Polymer Comply Europe is a service provider for the plastics industry specialized in EU legislation. Since 1989 we have been closely working with industry developing an in-depth knowledge and wide experience in EU Regulatory Compliance, Association Management and Projects & Studies. Due to increasing complexity of EU legislation, companies need more legal and technical advice. Companies involved in the plastics industry need support on how to cope with this burden and our experts can provide you with the best expertise. Companies need proper advice from our best EU experts. For this we decided to develop a pool of EU plastics experts under our service company Polymer Comply Europe, based in Brussels.

 Polymer Comply Europe helps companies in the plastics industry with its extensive European network in order to bring the right solutions for their business.