EuPC announces its new sector group PET Sheet Europe

The European Plastics Converters association (EuPC) has created its new sector group PET Sheet Europe.

It is dedicated to represent and promote the interests of the European PET film and sheet production industry on EU level. "We aim to improve the use of PET sheet, advocating its circularity and environmental benefits in terms of LCA," outlines Paolo Glerean from Aliplast, PET Sheet Europe President. "We also aim to become a reference for the industry, packaging designers, brands and retailers to support them in more effective use of PET in thermoforming applications."


During the kick-off meeting of PET Sheet Europe on 10 January 2017, Paolo Glerean from Aliplast was elected as President, Giles Peacock from Klöckner Pentaplast as Vice-President and Lubna Edwards from LINPAC as Treasurer. Additional Board members are Philippe Kruschitz (Kruschitz Plastics & Recycling) and Francesco Polano (AFG Packaging).


In total, the group is comprised of ten major producers in Europe including 4PET Holding, AFG Packaging, Aliplast, Coexpan Montonate, ERGIS, Klöckner Pentaplast, Kruschitz Plastics & Recycling, LINPAC, MP3 and SKY-LIGHT.


PET Sheet Europe is open to all companies active in the film and sheet producing business in Europe. To receive more information, please contact us directly at


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